The Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills 2017 - 2018 Registration

We are so glad that you and your children are joining us this year!

If you are registering more than two children or youth, please complete this form more times to include all children and youth.

Family Rights and Responsibilities at UUCNH

PROGRAM KNOWLEDGE: You may know about our philosophy, methodology, and policies regarding safety and discipline.

SAFETY: Two adults or one adult & one youth - who will have signed our code of ethics and gotten clearances required by PA law- will lead every Sunday School class with care and attention to the needs of everyone.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Sensitive concerns that you share with the DLFD and/or Children and Youth Faith Development Committee will be confidential, except as mandated by state law.

INVOLVEMENT: Parents are welcome to visit at any time.

REGISTRATION: Students must be registered every year, providing current contact and special needs.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Financial support of the church through a regular pledge based on your finances is expected of every family whether adults chose to become members or not.

TIME AND TALENT SUPPORT: Significant volunteering within the church is also expected. Some of that time needs to be devoted to Sunday School support. We recommend that parents be part of a teaching team every third year to better understand the program and take on lesser roles in other years.

AMBASSADORS: To increase the feeling of community among all people at UUCNH families can be informal ambassadors for Sunday School to both new families and people without young children.

SUPERVISION: At all times when on church grounds, children must be supervised. When children are not in class, parents/guardians are responsible for their safety.

PLAYGROUNDS: Children may use the playgrounds outside of Sunday School participation only under the direct supervision of parents/guardians.

PICKUP: Following the end of the worship service, children under 9 years of age must be signed out from their classrooms by a parent/guardian.

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We are so glad that you and your children are joining us this year!